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Autumn Laminitis - is my horse at risk?

Traditionally, Laminitis was most often associated with overweight ponies and lush spring grass. As time goes on, we are now considering Laminitis a risk in all breeds and types of horse and are owners are much more aware of the risk of a laminitis attack all year round.  Why is Autumnal Laminitis particularly prevalent now?  Autumn is now being seen as a seasonal spike in Laminitis. The warmer days and cooler nights are ideal conditions for an influx of grass to grow. Once your horse has had Laminitis, the chance of recurring episodes is higher and therefor in this instance, prevention is much better than cure.  What are the signs to look for? Reluctance to move.  Signs of pain Constantly...

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Jessica Howard takes the Blue Chip Pony Newcomers Champion title

Jessica Howard produced a nerveless performance to win the Blue Chip Pony Newcomers Championship on day two of Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham. Almost half of the 24 starters jumped clear, setting up a jump-off that did not disappoint in terms of its intensity and exhilarating speed.   Despite being last to go in the jump-off, Bedfordshire-based Jessica, riding Tinkas Gentleman Jim, kept her composure to clip almost half a second off the previous leader's time set by Lily Freeman-Attwood on Capability Brown.   Courtney Young and Sky VI finished third, with Tatiane Mauree and Horseabout Zizu taking fourth and Lila Bremner, daughter of comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner, securing fifth spot aboard Lapislazuli.   Reflecting on her...

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New Product - Blue Chip Joint Care Feed Balancer

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Joint Care Balancer is a revolutionary new formula containing the natural power of Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oils, alongside Glucosamine, which work to promote healthy joint function and movement.  Designed to maintain great daily health in all horses and ponies.  Combining carefully formulated levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, along with a complete hoof and respiratory formula, it also provides a digestive supplement that includes both a probiotic and Nucleotides which aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response, ensuring your horse or pony has everything they require on a daily basis

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Blue Chip Original Native Feed Balancer.

Horses are naturally designed to eat a diet that mainly consists of fibre, which in the wild would be supplemented by herbs, flowers and plants that supplied the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required.  As we have domesticated horses we have taken away these natural sources of vitamins and minerals.  Feeding Blue Chip Original Native, which is the first and the only feed balancer specifically designed for Native Ponies, will ensure all their daily vitamin, mineral and nutrient requirements are met.  Original Native contains a tailored level of the highest quality probiotic which helps to maintain Native Ponies natural condition. The level of probiotic in Original Native helps to support a healthy digestive system, it is whole-cereal and molasses free...

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Is your feed ULSA-Cool?

  Blue Chip Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer has been formulated by Blue Chip to assist with the maintenance of acid balance in the gut in horses and ponies. The 100% natural, whole-cereal, molasses free formula incorporates AcidBalTM, an acid buffering agent comprised of Lithothamnion, which is derived from marine minerals and can help to alter gut pH balance by slowly releasing calcium, magnesium and silicon, over a prolonged period to enhance the buffering effect it has on stomach acids. As stress can be major factor in the development of gastric ulcers and symbiotically related to digestion, the Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer incorporates a high quality, EU approved probiotic yeast which helps to restore the balance in gut flora, easing digestive...

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