Why feed a feed balancer?

For most horse owners, having their horses in the best health possible is paramount. There are many factors which add up to improved horse health and well being, but one of the most simple and effective places to start is to ensure your horse or pony is receiving a fully balanced diet.

Blue Chip Feed Balancers are all formulated with superior ingredients for maximum benefit to your horses day to day health. Without a correctly balanced diet, your horse will simply not be able to perform to the best of their ability. 

All Blue Chip Feed Balancers are formulated with a full vitamin, mineral and nutrient package alongside a probiotic digestive supplement for maximum gut motility and digestive health. The probiotic digestive supplement also aids nutrient absorption levels and helps your horse get the most out of their diet. 


All Blue Chip Feed Balancers contain no whole cereal or molasses, so are suitable for those who require low sugar and low starch diets. The energy instead comes from a high level of fibre and oil, which work in a healthy way to promote great condition and steady levels of slow releasing energy! For this reason, Blue Chip is great for horses who can easily fizz up on hard feed. 
All Blue Chip Feed Balancers contain a hoof supplement, a respiratory supplement and a skin and coat supplement, meaning your horse is well supported from head to hoof and eliminating the need to supplement for these further.

We now produce balancers for all different sizes, types and temperaments! You only need to feed 100g per 100kg of body weight per day (or as little as 50g per day for a super concentrated balancer) which makes Blue Chip incredibly economical and easy to feed!

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