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Another Year Older? - Blue Chip Senior Feed Balancer

2019 is now upon us, as with a new year, we are approaching another year older.  Horses 14+ years of age have very different dietary needs from their younger herd mates, which means that their diet may need reconsidering when they reach this age marker.  Firstly, ensuing your horse has adequate amounts of fibre in their diet is paramount to ensure healthy digestion. Secondly, you must take condition into consideration when looking at Senior Feed. Typically, older horses find it slightly harder to hold weight so making sure they have a diet which is low in cereals and sugar, but high in protein and oil will help maintain weight. Alternatively if you have a good doer, its important to keep...

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I’m Blue Chip Too sadly passes at the age of 23

Clare Blaskey and Blue Chip are very sad to announce the loss of their much loved I’m Blue Chip Too. On Thursday the thirteenth of December, exactly twenty years after she bought him as a three year old, Clare Blaskey’s wonderful Large Riding Horse I’m Blue Chip Too AKA Glen was put to sleep.   I’m Blue Chip Too was famously twice Champion at The Horse of the Year Show the first time as a four old, the youngest Riding Horse to win this title, and then as a five year old. That same year he was also Champion at The Royal International all with Robert Walker.   It all began when Clare picked up a six week old copy...

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The 12 Days of Blue Chip Christmas!

Every day between now and Christmas, we're giving you the chance to save money and win prizes, with a daily deal across the whole Blue Chip Range.  In the package, you can win Olympia Tickets, Blue Chip merchandise and you can save money across our whole range.  To get exclusive access to these amazing deals, sign up at 

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Should I be feeding a Joint Supplement?

Should I be feeding a joint supplement? An age old question in horse ownership, should I be feeding my horse or pony a joint supplement? And if I am to start supplementing my horse, which supplement should I try and how will I know it is working? It has been demonstrated that Osteoarthritis is responsible for over 60% of lameness in both performance and pleasure horses. It’s true that supplementing for joint issues in horses is often overlooked before issues arise and unfortunately once issues occur, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the breakdown of cartilage and synovial fluid however there are ingredients you can feed which can slow down the degenerative process. Arthritis is still the...

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Limited Edition Christmas Feed Balancer has launched!

Blue Chip Christmas Balancer Limited edition A nutritious delicious Christmas present for your horse that aids digestion and immune function. Blue Chip Christmas Balancer is a super concentrated feed balancer that can be fed as a winter warming mash with added spices and linseed plus turmeric . Just mix into your feed and add warm water. This whole cereal and molasses free complete Feed Balancer contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your horse or pony needs plus a hoof, coat, skin and respiratory supplement, with probiotics and nucleotides to aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response. The colder months are an ideal time to start feeding your horse or pony a feed balancer. Winter usually comes with...

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