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Dafydd has been on Blue Chip Native Original for around six months. The difference in both his way of going and his overall condition is astounding! Prior to being fed on Native, he was fed on bog-standard pony nuts and a molasses chaff. The image below, taken on the 3rd of January 2017, is of Dafydd and I at Hargate Equestrian Centre in an in-hand class. I remember this show very well due to the fact that upon meeting the judge I was asked what he was fed on! I told her what I was feeding him and she told me that he was being deprived of vitamins and not getting anywhere near enough nutrients to bring out his true nature and condition. So I went on a hunt to find something more substantial and full of nothing but quality ingredients. I must have been on my laptop for at least two days until I feasted my eyes upon found Blue Chip’s Native Original feed. 


After filling up my basket with a few bags of Native, I finally clicked the ‘confirm order‘ button (a rather exiting moment!). 


Once the feed had arrived, I began to very slowly introduce it into his old diet because he is usually very, very sensitive to new feed... but no, there was no change in the consistency of his ‘doings’ at all. If anything it was looking more normal than EVER! 


(2 week into feeding Native) I’m now allowing him just under 250g a day (still mixed in with his old feed a little). And with it I am starting to mix in 2 scoops of Hi-Fi Dengie chaff as a bulk. He is happy, bubbly, alert and awake to everything. Not skittish nor excitable, just happy! His hooves are not hot. His belly is not bloated. His faeces are solid. At this stage I could not have expected more. 


(2 months in ) 

Changes I have noticed:

  • hooves are no longer hot or malleable in wetter weather 
  • His course coat is now soft and gleaming with natural oils 
  • His mane and tail have started to grow back out to the length it once was 
  • His digestive system runs smoothly and I have not had a single problem with it since he’s been on Native unlike before when he was unfortunately prone to getting diarrhoea 


(A few months later ) 

On September the 18th 2017 we headed out to do some last of the season showing at the same riding club the Judge commented on his condition. I couldn’t believe my eyes- she was once again the in-hand judge for the day. I have never felt so smug in my life! He paraded around the ring so smartly in such an outline, and I think I can recall spending way to much money on photographer photos (eek). Anyway, I don’t think that the judge remembered us, but she told me very confidently how well and fit he looked.


I can’t thank nor recommend Blue Chip enough for making such an inclusive Balancer for a common yet often overlooked breed! 


Isobel Hadfield and SteppolcahnDafydd 
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