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Senior Super Concentrated Feed Balancer - For age 14+ good doers

Senior Super Concentrated Feed Balancer - For age 14+ good doers

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Why Senior Balancer?

Ensuring your pony/horse receives the necessary nutrients whilst supporting the ageing process.

Is your horse over 14 years old?

Does your pony/horse require additional support with joint health or hormonal balance?

Blue Chip Senior Balancer is the ideal way of ensuring your older pony/horse, receives the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their daily diet, along with additional supplements to ease the ageing process. Senior includes a complete joint supplement, alongside CushinCombo™, keeping your horse or pony active in later life. The prebiotic MOS and probiotics in Senior restore the natural balance of the gut flora and help to maintain the natural well-being of the digestive system, allowing optimum utilisation of the carefully formulated combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in all the Blue Chip balancers.

Do not feed to pregnant mares.

Key Ingredients

Joint support - Senior contains both glucosamine and rosehip extract. Glucosamine is widely used as a joint supplement to aid in supporting and maintaining healthy and supple joints. Rosehip extract has been shown in published research to aid in pain relief and joint function. Combined, these are ideal for horses showing arthritic changes, or those that need a little extra support for joint health, function and comfort.

Hormonal balance - CushinCombo™ is a specifically formulated supplement containing chaste tree berry, beneficial for balancing hormonal levels. Studies have shown it can aid ponies/horses diagnosed with PPID, as well as hormonal mares during oestrus.

Triple-action digestive supplement - Senior combines a high concentration of prebiotic MOS, probiotics and nucleotides to support and maintain digestive health. This combination has been proven to increase forage digestibility by up to 100% in a study conducted by Hartpury College.

Nutritional profile - Senior contains a complete vitamin, mineral and nutrient package in a super concentrated format; this means daily feeding rates are as low as 50g. The nutritional profile has been carefully formulated to ensure the correct functioning of the metabolic system, central nervous system and immune system. Senior is balanced to help promote prolonged cartilage metabolism and joint health. Blue Chip uses organic/chelated minerals to ensure optimum absorption and effectiveness.

Skin and coat - All Blue Chip balancers have added soya oil, linseed oil and organic zinc, natural, vegetable sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Combined with organic zinc, to ensure healthy, scurf-free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.

SoundHoof™ - Senior contains a complete hoof supplement with biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper, which helps the formation of strong, pliable, good quality hooves.

PrimoVento™ - A complete respiratory supplement is included in Senior. This contains antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic to soothe the airways and maintain lung health and integrity.

Immune support - Antioxidants are included in Senior to promote a healthy immune system. Selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E are added to aid the ‘mopping up’ of free radicals.

Nucleotides - Essential to every cell in the body, a key part of the digestive supplement, they are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Nucleotides help support immunity, stamina, cell replication, and repair of damaged cells.

De-stressor - Magnesium is included to keep your horse or pony calm and stress free. In addition, the digestive supplement will settle the digestive system ensuring horses feel comfortable and relaxed.

Composition & Analytical Constituents

Composition: Wheatfeed, Dehulled Soya Bean Meal, Linseed Expeller, Full Fat Soya, Soya (Bean) Hulls, Calcium Carbonate, Glucosamine (Vegetable Source), Chaste Tree Berries, Mono Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Calcium Sulphate (E516) and Fatty Acids (Pellet Binder), Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Soya Oil, Rosa Canina, Mannan Oligosaccharides, Garlic Powder, Nucleotides

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 20.5%, Crude Oils & Fats 6.0%, Crude Fibre 8.0%, Crude Ash 18.0%, Sodium 0.95%

Feeding Guide

Blue Chip 3kg feed balancers 

* One sack lasts the average sized horse approximately 30 days and a small pony approximately 60 days.

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To ensure optimum health, balancers should be fed all year round.

  • Maintains mobility and helps

    to ease stiffness

  • Supports PPID (Cushings disease) and normal hormonal function

  • Perfect for a 

    calorie controlled diet

The benefits of feeding a balancer

Feed balancers are an all in one yet tailored formulation for horses and ponies to ensure optimal nutrition. Promoting better health, performance, and quality of life while saving you time and money.

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Feeding Senior Good Doers

Our super concentrated feed balancer for senior good doers ensures a comprehensive approach, promoting not just weight management but also addressing key aspects of joint health, flexibility, and overall well-being.

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