Spring Feeding with Blue Chip

The transition from winter into spring can be a daunting time for horse owners. While some welcome the influx of fresh grass to add weight and condition onto their horses after the long winter, others are left daunted by the prospect of having their good doer horses at risk of summer ailments, such as laminitis.

Blue Chip Feed Balancers are designed to be fed to horses and ponies all year round and will ensure they are receiving all of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients which could otherwise be lacking in their diet. Blue Chip Feed Balancers contain no whole cereals or molasses, so they are ideal for horses and ponies who require a low sugar and starch diet

How can Blue Chip Benefit your horse this spring?

Hoof Growth

Over the cold and wet winter months hoof growth can decrease. Hoof problems can be associated with extra stabling, frozen ground, wet conditions and can lead to cracks in the hoofs and repeated shoe loss along with other issues. Slowed down hoof growth meant that these problems do not grow out as quickly.

Every Blue Chip Feed Balancer contains SoundHoof, a complete hoof supplement containing biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper for the formation of strong pliable, good quality hooves to ensure that they are receiving a hoof supplement alongside the vitamins and minerals they need for everyday health.

Respiratory Supplement

High pollen seasons can cause problems with horses, some experiencing hay fever like symptoms which cause head shaking, coughing, and poor performance. All of the Blue Chip Every Blue Chip Feed Balancer contains a respiratory supplement which contains antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic to help maintain healthy lung function.

Joint Support

The senior horse may experience stiffness due to arthritis as they age. With arthritis in older horses being one of the most common reasons horse owners take the decision to retire them it is important to manage the symptoms and keep them moving comfortably as long as possible. Blue Chip Senior Feed Balancer is tailored towards the older horse and contains a complete joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Rosa Canina which is known to support and maintain healthy and supple joints. Completely molasses free and low in sugars and starches, even horses and ponies with other ailments such as Cushings and PPID can still benefit.

Weight Loss

If you have an overweight, or good doer type horse or pony, it is still essential that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need but without the calories. This is especially important in laminitic prone horses and ponies, and those who are on restricted grazing.

Blue Chip Lami-Light, the diet Feed Balancer, is naturally low in sugar and starch making it a simple solution to ensure you horse is receiving all of the essentials without the calories.


Finally the weather is improving and the nights are getting lighter. This means we can get our horses and ponies fit again and ride for longer. Along with this your horse might start to feel a little fresh with the joys of spring and not be able to concentrate and focus as well, because they are so excited. Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Feed Balancer is formulated with a trio of powerful calmers, magnesium, L-tryptophan and chamomile.

Sweet itch and Fly Problems

Horses who are out at grass in the spring and summer can be burdened by flies. Sweet itch causes the horse to bite, scratch and rub at their skin and cause damage to themselves. Caused by biting insects such as midges, black flies, and horse flies it typically appears in the spring and dies down in the winter. Feeding Blue Chip Super Concentrated Grass Balancer which has added garlic and turmeric may help with some of the symptoms of sweet itch and fly problems. The naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the turmeric and black pepper will calm down any discomfort or sores developed by sweet itch. The added garlic will aid in the repellent of flies throughout the summer months.

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