Feeding your competition horse through Spring and Summer.

Feeding your competition horse or pony has never been easier, there are now tailor made Feed Balancers to suit all breeds and types in all disciplines. Blue Chip have a range of Feed Balancers that will ensure your horse or pony is receiving  a complete vitamins, minerals and nutrient package plus a complete hoof, digestive, respiratory and coat supplement for exceptional health and wellbeing  whilst training, travelling and competing throughout the summer.  

For those in light to medium work and who need condition, topline and that show ring shine, Blue Chip Original Feed Balancer is just what you need.  Provides slow release energy and optimum, balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals and to meet daily requirements in a 100% whole cereal and molasses free formula. Blue Chip Original also includes a high quality probiotic digestive supplement to help create a healthy gut environment, increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption and fibre digestibility by up to 100%. Original creates enviable condition, your horse or pony will look fantastic.

For those in medium to hard work or who lose weight Blue Chip Pro Feed Balancer is formulated for the fit performance horse or pony. Pro Balancer contains Rejuvenate, a blood building formula designed specifically for performance horses to work alongside Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, to increase red blood cell production and improve fitness, stamina and recovery rates whilst reducing the onset of fatigue and lactic acid production.  Pro is fed to many leading equine athletes and is used across all disciplines for those who want to get the best results from their competition horse or pony.

For those prone to Gastric Ulcers, Blue Chip Super Concentrated Ulsa-Cool Feed Balancer is formulated to maintain acid balance in the gut. The formula incorporates AcidBalTM, an acid buffering agent comprised of Lithothamnion, which is derived from marine minerals and can help to alter gut pH balance by slowly releasing calcium, magnesium and silicon, over a prolonged period to enhance the buffering effect it has on stomach acids. Beta Glucans support the immune system and coat the lining of the stomach with a protective film, slowing the passage of food and keeping the stomach fuller for longer, whilst the soothing effects of mint eases digestive discomfort and inflammation.

For those who get over excited, stressed and find it difficult to concentrate Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Feed Balancer combines all the high quality ingredients of the Blue Chip Feed Balancers with a trio of effective calmers - magnesium, L-tryptophan and chamomile. The primary reason for combining a calmer and a feed balancer is that stress and digestion have a symbiotic relationship; stress can cause digestive issues, and digestive issues can cause stress. The probiotics in the balancer restore the natural balance of the gut flora and help to maintain the natural well-being of the digestive system, allowing optimum utilisation of the carefully formulated combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in all the Blue Chip Balancers. 


If you are unsure which balancer would be best for your horse or pony or a free sample of one of our Feed Balancers,  contact the feed balancer specialists on 0114 266 6200 or email Nutrition@bluechipfeed.com

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