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Halloween Competition!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we've hidden some Halloween themed images around our website, if you find one, simply click it to submit your details and you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win Blue Chip Goodies! Good Luck!The Blue Chip Team 

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New Blue Chip Sponsored Rider!

Janine Paterson has won a Blue Chip Sponsorship as part of the BE80T Central North West Challenge, the finals of which were held at Weston Park   Janine says 'Willoway Amigo (Roo) is a 14.2, 10yo New Forest gelding who I co-own with Ingrid Jordan who lives in the New Forest. We bought him directly from his breeders as an unbroken 3yo and I broke him in myself. He's actually only ever been sat on twice by other people, I'm very selfish with him!! He's such a huge character, he wants to kiss and cuddle all the time, both with humans and his best friend Maxwell! He is always fiddling/chewing things and has lots of funny little things he does...

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Autumn Laminitis - is my horse at risk?

Traditionally, Laminitis was most often associated with overweight ponies and lush spring grass. As time goes on, we are now considering Laminitis a risk in all breeds and types of horse and are owners are much more aware of the risk of a laminitis attack all year round.  Why is Autumnal Laminitis particularly prevalent now?  Autumn is now being seen as a seasonal spike in Laminitis. The warmer days and cooler nights are ideal conditions for an influx of grass to grow. Once your horse has had Laminitis, the chance of recurring episodes is higher and therefor in this instance, prevention is much better than cure.  What are the signs to look for? Reluctance to move.  Signs of pain Constantly...

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