Is grass enough for your horse?!

There is a common misconception that when your horse is out to Grass, that they are getting everything they need and require no extra supplements in their diet. 

After a long and dry spring and summer most of our grass quality isn't great and our horses are making do with dry pasture. This means horses' are now needing even more nutritional support than they usually would at this time of year, and this can be really easily achieved by feeding a Feed Balancer.

Blue Chip Feed Balancers contains all the essentials needed for your horse on a day to day basis, alongside other vital supplements which help to keep your horse happy and healthy year round. 

With a small feeding rate of just 100g per 100kg of body weight per day, you can ensure your horse is receiving all the essentials in a small volume of feed. 

If your horse is a good doer, and you are worried that feeding them anything through the summer will cause them to be over weight, our range of Super Concentrated Feed Balancers are designed to provide your horse with all of the essential vitamins, mineral and nutrients, probiotics, hoof supplements in a totally whole cereal and molasses free formula. 

Whats more, you only need to feed on average 100g per day, or as little as 50g per day for a pony. That's almost 5x less than you would have to feed with a normal balancer!

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