Is your feed ULSA-Cool?


Blue Chip Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer has been formulated by Blue Chip to assist with the maintenance of acid balance in the gut in horses and ponies. The 100% natural, whole-cereal, molasses free formula incorporates AcidBalTM, an acid buffering agent comprised of Lithothamnion, which is derived from marine minerals and can help to alter gut pH balance by slowly releasing calcium, magnesium and silicon, over a prolonged period to enhance the buffering effect it has on stomach acids.

As stress can be major factor in the development of gastric ulcers and symbiotically related to digestion, the Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer incorporates a high quality, EU approved probiotic yeast which helps to restore the balance in gut flora, easing digestive discomfort and increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption. To further promote digestive health, a prebiotic is present to bind and remove harmful bacteria, ensuring that your horse or pony is obtaining optimal benefit from the top quality ingredients used in Blue Chip balancers. Also, alike to all the balancers in the Blue Chip range, the revolutionary ingredient, Nucleotides, which are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, are incorporated to assist digestion and aid nutrient absorption by increasing the length of intestinal villi, improving red blood cell production and also contributing to the immune response, which is highly important in maintaining a healthy stomach lining.

In order to further assist the immune systems’ response, ULSA-COOL includes Beta-glucans in each pellet. Beta Glucans are natural, plant derived polysaccharides found to enhance the immune response and play an active role in macrophage production; the white blood cells your horse or pony requires to actively fight off infection and disease.  Also, Beta Glucans coat the stomach lining with a protective film and slow the passage of feed, keeping the stomach fuller for longer therefore creating a less acidic environment. In addition, mint has been included for the soothing and calming effects it is known to have on inflammation and digestive upsets.

As with all the Super Concentrated Balancers in the Blue Chip range, ULSA-COOL contains specifically tailored levels of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are required by your horse or pony on a daily basis to maintain their health and well-being. Also included in the formula is SoundHoofTM, a complete hoof supplement that incorporates biotin, methionine and organic zinc to ensure the formation of strong, pliable hooves, as well as PrimoVentoTM a menthol and eucalyptus based respiratory supplement which soothes the airways and helps to maintain lung integrity and function.

As the horses’ digestive system is designed to process feed in small quantities and at regular intervals, the Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer has been specifically designed so that its highly nutrient dense formula can be fed in small amounts alongside plenty of forage, to ensure efficient digestion as a result of increased gut motility, both factors that are important in the management of stomach acid build up and incidence of ulcer formation. Each 3kg tub will last the average sized 16hh around one month when fed at a rate of 100g per day, making ULSA-COOL a highly cost effective and easy to feed option when you consider it contains all the top quality ingredients of a Blue Chip Balancer with the ongoing acid buffering qualities of a separate gastric health supplement to give you peace of mind.

For more information on the Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL Balancer, visit or telephone 0114 266 6200

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