Blue Chip Original Native Feed Balancer.

Horses are naturally designed to eat a diet that mainly consists of fibre, which in the wild would be supplemented by herbs, flowers and plants that supplied the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required.  As we have domesticated horses we have taken away these natural sources of vitamins and minerals.  Feeding Blue Chip Original Native, which is the first and the only feed balancer specifically designed for Native Ponies, will ensure all their daily vitamin, mineral and nutrient requirements are met. 

Original Native contains a tailored level of the highest quality probiotic which helps to maintain Native Ponies natural condition. The level of probiotic in Original Native helps to support a healthy digestive system, it is whole-cereal and molasses free and will maintain your pony in perfect condition. When it comes to probiotics it is important to remember that they are not all created equal, the highest quality probiotics are expensive and are only found in premium feed balancers like the Blue Chip range.

Alongside a quality probiotic, Original Native also includes a high quality source of protein to help maintain topline and facilitate muscle development for a good outline. Protein is made up of different amino acids, and two essential amino acids that must be included in the diet are lysine and methionine. Original Native includes these amino acids at optimal levels ensuring your Native Pony is getting the most out of the protein in its diet.

Nucleotides are revolutionary ingredients and all horses and ponies can benefit from the inclusion of them in their diet.   All the Blue Chip balancers contain these revolutionary ingredients which have many benefits when included in the diet, such as; aiding cell replication, increasing the length of the intestinal villi, which aids nutrient absorption and aiding the immune cells response to infection or disease.

Native Ponies were built to withstand cold winters with their long coats providing vital insulation to keep them warm. Oil should be included in your Native Ponies diet to help feed the hair’s oil glands, resulting in a strong, shiny coat. Feeding oil in your pony’s daily ration will also help strengthen hair, preventing breakages and allowing the coat to lie flat against the skin. Organic zinc is another dietary inclusion which is widely known for its role in improving hair quality, because a healthy coat is a shiny one. Zinc is involved in the formation of keratin, helping to improve hair quality on a structural level. Original Native was developed with these characteristics in mind, containing elevated levels of soya oils and organic zinc alongside essential vitamins and minerals feeding your Native Pony from the inside out. Feeding Original Native is designed not only to help improve your Native Pony’s coat condition, but also his mane, tail and feathers too.  Ponies fed on Original Native will gleam with well-being and have that ‘look at me’ factor that is sure to turn heads.

Blue Chip Original Native is available in 15kg sacks RRP £32.95

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