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Help! My horse needs more condition!

This winter has been hard on most horse owners, the stormy wet days have killed off any grass we had and left our horses stood out in the cold unable to eat, or stood in eating but unable to move, and trying to find the balance is really difficult. At this time of year we're being inundated with Nutritional Advice calls where people are calling to say their horses are looking under condition and have lost their 'sparkle' and this is where a quality feed balancer can really make the difference. If your horse is under condition, or in heavy work we would recommend Blue Chip Pro Feed Balancer. This bag is jam packed with good stuff to supply your horse with...

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Whats the fuss about Turmeric?

This craze has fast spread to the equine industry as people take to this wonder ingredient in the hope of seeing benefits in their pet horses and dogs. Owners have reported that Turmeric can aid skin, joints and inflammation, however its important to note there are currently no studies to prove its medicinal properties and effectiveness. 

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The Importance of Recommendation

For a horse owner looking for a new service, or considering a change of their usual supplier, reviews are essential as it is usually a very big decision. Much research should be done to ensure the correct decision is made, so reviews are essential to read and investigate who are rated the highest in that field of expertise? And what makes them so special? For a business, 80% of people trust on-line reviews as much as personal and professional recommendations. A product with a 1-star review is 110% more likely to sell than one with no review at all. This proves the importance of having reviews to support your advertising and marketing campaigns. People buy people and the service they...

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