Daisy's Demo Day!

Bury Farm's Unaffiliated Championships took place from the 22nd - 23rd of September 2018.



This was Bury Farm's first year hosting the Championships. The atmosphere was friendly and encouraging with plenty of opportunities for the riders to win prizes, to enter prize draws, raffles and receive goody bags for qualifying! What a great show, to arrive and receive a prize!





The day saw plenty of smiling riders even though the rain decided to fall. The show  ran smoothly, as it always does at Bury Farm with such a great team.





I presented a Masterclass riding the talented Tilly (aka Galanci RS).






Tilly was a total star!!!! She hasn't been back in work that long and she loved showing off in front of the crowd. She was fairly relaxed and dealt with the entire outing like a professional.



Tilly scrubs up very well, although it did take two baths, as she has a real talent for attracting dirt overnight! 




We looked at techniques and tips that the riders could use over the course of the weekend as well as exercises for developing the trot and improving transitions in the future.






We explored what makes a good warm up and some exercises I use to get my horses feeling ready. As well as looking at one of my favourite exercises for a spooky or tense horse (I thought this may be appropriate for Tilly, although she proved me wrong and excelled herself!)






We then shared our top tips for the best test. How to warm up in a busy arena, what to do if your test goes wrong and some of the best ways to reflect on your test for future progression and development.









My wonderful Sponsors Blue Chip, Catago and Equilibrium Products kindly donated goody bags for all our Winners as well as a prize draw for all the competitors to enter.





Blue Chip Feed handed out free samples, caps, vouchers and lovely canvas bags which are so high quality I probably would use them to go shopping rather than at the yard!






SO many Prizes.. and this is before the riders entered the prize draw where there were yet more goody bags to be won and a Diamonte Blue Chip saddle pad!









The day was great fun for everyone involved and a huge thanks to Bury Farm for organising such a super show, it takes so much behind the scenes work to run a show like this, and even more work to make it so great! 





Daisy x

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