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Keep calm with Blue Chip this firework season

Keep Calm with Blue Chip this firework season   Firework season is just around the corner, if you have a horse with a nervous nature at this time of year, you may want to start thinking about how you can manage your horse’s stress levels. Fireworks can lead to increased stress levels for certain horses, but there are some handy tips you can use to help. Maintaining a similar routine can be comforting to horses, but you may need to make some small changes to limit the risk of injury. Click here to visit the Calming Feed Balancer product page If your horse is particularly stressed by fireworks it is advisable to bring them in to the stable. Horses who...

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The importance of continuing to feed a balancer during the grazing season.

Why is it important to continue feeding a balancer during the grazing season? We bust some myths and answer some common questions raised.   “I don’t need to feed a balancer in the summer as it will make my pony/horse fat” All Blue Chip balancers are low in calories (and all molasses free) and contain minimal levels of starch and sugar, with no added sugar. Diet balancers and those aimed at good doers (such as Blue Chip Lami Light and our Super Concentrated range) are especially beneficial as part of a calorie-controlled plan. These balancers support overall health, which can lead to improved mobility and burning of further calories.   For those on a calorie-controlled diet, Blue Chip can work...

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