Low Calorie Feed Balancer - NOW AVAILABLE to PRE-ORDER

BRAND NEW Low Calorie Feed Balancer



💛 Blue Chip Super Concentrated LOW CALORIE FEED BALANCER

💛 VERY VERY LOW starch and sugar - ONLY 9g starch and 3.5g sugar for an average 500kg horse
💛 Combined with a small feeding rate, Low Calorie has 4 TIMES LESS non-structural carbohydrates than many other similarly marketed products

Ideal for:
💛Those needing a calorie-controlled diet without compromising correct daily nutrition
💛 Those in light work
💛 Those on field or box rest
💛 Good doers with no additional health needs
💛 Younger horses who are retired (before needing Senior)

Formulated with:
💛 Cinnamon to help maintain blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance
💛 L-Carnitine which can fast-track fatty acids into the muscle cells, keeping metabolic function active
💛 All you would expect from a Blue Chip feed balancer such as; Probiotics, Nucleotides, SoundHoof hoof supplement, PrimoVento respiratory supplement, and a complete vitamin and mineral package
💛 Using organic and chelated minerals to ensure optimum absorption and effectiveness

💛 ONLY 74p per day**
💛 Can be fed by hand or in a bucket, with or without a low calorie fibre choice
💛 Tubs launching first with refills and samples to follow soon!
💛 ** for an average 500kg horse when feeding the refills on our subscription service


Deliveries of Low Calorie will begin the week commencing Monday 15th February

We are always here to help offer advice or guidance for any questions you may have. Please do call us 0114 266 6200, or chat to us on social media. 

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