Blue Chip are supporting #BFAW21 - British Equestrian Trade Association Feed Awareness Week 2021


We are really excited to be taking part in the BETA Feed Awareness Week for the third year running. An annual campaign to dispel feeding myths and improve your knowledge of equine nutrition.

The initiative is taking place throughout the UK and is supported by leading equestrian organisations.

Blue_Chip_BETA_NOPSFeed facts you can trust
The British Equestrian Trade Association are dedicated to equine welfare and launched BETA Feed Awareness Week to help owners and riders access sound nutritional advice.

By focusing on good feeding practice and separating fact from fiction, we can all help you make more informed choices when it comes to buying your feed and supplements.

Look out for the best feeding facts and advice from some of the country's leading equine feed advisors. BETA themselves will also provide some great feeding tips from many of our leading competition riders, who have given the week their full backing.
Retail support
BETA Feed Awareness Week will be supported by Blue Chip retailers too, who will be doing their bit for equine nutrition in-store. After all, your local participating BETA retailer is a great place to find fantastic feeding advice.

Look out for BETA Feed Awareness Week bunting around their shops as a clear sign that they are on board. Don't forget that many of our online retailers will also be playing an important role.


JOIN US every day from Saturday 27th February for our top feeding tips, with help from our sponsored riders too.




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