Top 5 Feed Room Hacks


Maintaining an organised and tidy feed room, especially in usually a limited space, can pose challenges. Here are some practical day-to-day tips that have proven effective in keeping our feed room consistently tidy and well-organised.


1. Vertical Storage: Utilise wall space with shelves or hooks to store equipment like buckets, brushes, and tack, maximizing floor space for feed bins.

2. Bulk Storage Bins: Invest in bulk storage bins for chaff and balancers to keep them fresh, organised, and pest-free.

3. Use your empty feed bags: Use your empty feed bags to stick to the front of your bins to easily distinguish which bin contains which feed.

4. Mark a reorder level on your bins: Don’t run out! Regularly inventory feed supplies and put a piece of tape on the inside of your bin to mark a minimum level to remind you to get more and avoid a last-minute panic.

5. Get a white board: If you were unavailable and someone needed to step in to feed the horses, make sure it is written up on the white board. Ensure that it is up-to-date and clear enough for anyone to use in case of an emergency.

What are your go-to tricks for maximising organisation in your feed room? We love to hear new ways to keep improving our space. 

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