Keep Your Horse Happy Without the Extra Calories

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Looking for top tips to keep your horse content and healthy without overloading on treats? We've got 5 tips below to help keep your horse happy without the extra calories.

As horse owners, one of our favourite thing to do is treating our ponies and horses. From polos to carrots and apples, the calories can quickly add up. While there's nothing wrong with giving treats, it can be challenging to manage good doers weight during the spring and summer months. Here are our top tips for keeping your horses and ponies happy without relying solely on food as an award. 

1. Good Scratch and Grooming Sessions:

Horses and ponies love a good grooming session; it is a great way to bond with your horse whilst maintaining their coat and skin health. Regularly tending to your horse with gentle scratching and thorough brushing not only keeps their coat smooth and shiny but also promotes circulation.


(Bonus – did you know a 15-minute grooming session burns around 75 kcal for you too?)


2. Balancing Exercise and Rest:

A balanced routine of exercise and rest is essential for your horse’s wellbeing. Regular exercise keeps them fit, while adequate rest allows for recovery. Include bonding activities like ground work, riding, or playful interactions to make exercise more enjoyable for both of you. Also, horses and ponies may prefer to rest.


3. Fresh Water:

Keep your horse happily hydrated with access to clean, fresh water at all times. Just like us, horses love a good drink, especially on sunny days. A hose down on a sunny day or whenever your horse or ponies get sweaty can also be a refreshing treat for them. 

4. Bonding Activities:

If you would like to treat with food, why not incorporate stretches with treat giving? This not only provides a tasty reward but also encourages flexibility and movement. Horses differ in their preferences, so some may love being plaited up as a bonding activity, while others may enjoy a good hose down on a hot day.


5. Consistent Routine:

Horses thrive on consistency. Establish regular feeding, exercise, and grooming times to create a sense of security and reduce stress. Consistent routines help horses feel secure and reduce anxiety, contributing to their overall well-being.


Remember, every horse is unique, so explore different activities to find what your horse enjoys most. Incorporating these non-food treats into your daily routine enhances your horse’s overall health and happiness. 

We'd love to hear about the non-food treats you give your horse! Share your ideas in the comments below.

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