How to Keep Your Horse Cool in the Summer

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As summer approaches, it's important to ensure your horse stays cool and comfortable during the hotter months.

Here are our top 8 suggestions to help keep your horse safe and cool:


1. Cool Down:

The most effective way to reduce body temperature is through constant application of cold water. This method is proven to rapidly cool your horse without causing any harm. After exercise or during hot weather, applying cold water continuously (without scraping) helps regulate their temperature and promote comfort.


2.Turned Out:

If your horse is turned out during the hotter parts of the day, ensure they have access to shade, shelter, and fresh water. Some horses do prefer relaxing in the sun, but it's always best for them to have a shady place to retreat if the sun gets too hot.


3. Stabled:

For stabled horses, ensure there is sufficient air flow in their stable, and make sure their stable is shaded (if their stable gets too hot, consider turning out your horse).


4. Fly Rugs:

If your horse needs a fly sheet, make sure to use a white sheet; white reflects more heat than darker materials, and will not have the same heating effect. If your horse seems hot even with a white sheet, soak your horse using a hosepipe. Wet, white material is cooler than dry, white material.


5. Exercise:

If you exercise your horse during a heatwave, consider an early morning or evening session and reduce intensity on the hottest days (as it can often be too warm to ride by 9am during a heatwave!). After exercise, a nice tip is to hose them down with cold water and allow it to evaporate naturally, aiding in cooling.


6. Hydration:

This is key in warm weather. Make sure your horse has constant access to fresh water; stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, so ensure you change it often.


7. Electrolytes:

 As your horse sweats, electrolyte stores diminish and will need replenishing. All Blue Chip balancers contain electrolytes for maintenance. You can also use regular salt or buy specialised electrolytes for horses sweating more than average, such as those in hard work.


8. Cool Treats: 

Offer your horse cold treats to help them stay cool; freezing treats like carrots and apples in plastic tubs not only provides stimulation but also helps them cool down.


What are your favourite ways to help your horse beat the heat? We'd love to hear your top tips in the comments below. 



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