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Feeding Laminitics – by Blue Chip’s Nutritional Specialist Sarah Butler BSc (Hons)

Feeding laminitis prone horses and ponies can be challenging as their diets need careful monitoring, especially if previous laminitis attacks were weight or nutritional related. Feeding a low calorie, low sugar, low starch feed balancer is the ideal way to ensure that your horse or pony gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need on a daily […] The post Feeding Laminitics – by Blue Chip’s Nutritional Specialist Sarah Butler BSc (Hons) appeared first on Blue Chip Feed | Horse Supplements & Horse Feed Balancers.

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Feeding for Show Condition

Clare Blaskey and Glenn - photo courtesy of Real Time Imaging Whilst it is important for your horse to be in perfect condition for the show ring, you must always be aware of them putting on too much condition and the associated links with laminitis and being overweight. Weight can be assessed accurately on a weigh-bridge, but if this is not possible then a weigh tape can be used.

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Feeding For Stallion Fertility

For every stallion owner, increasing and maintaining the fertility rate of the stallion is a constant challenge. Covering a full book of mares can be stressful and a set of best practices are essential to making sure your stallion is performing to the best of his ability.   Here are some top stallion feeding tips that can help to keep your stallion fit.

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Horse On Box Rest – Feeding Tips

Having a horse on box rest can be extremely stressful for both horse and owner. It usually involves more cost through bedding and more time spent mucking out. It can be especially difficult if the horse was fit and in full work and injury has caused them to be on box rest. One minute they are being worked hard every day and the next they are asked to stand in a stable for 24 hours a day. It is therefore no wonder that some horses don’t settle straight away.

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