Feeding for Show Condition

Clare Blaskey and Glenn - photo courtesy of Real Time Imaging

Whilst it is important for your horse to be in perfect condition for the show ring, you must always be aware of them putting on too much condition and the associated links with laminitis and being overweight.

Weight can be assessed accurately on a weigh-bridge, but if this is not possible then a weigh tape can be used. Weigh tapes are a good way to monitor any changes in your horse’s weight but are not totally accurate and have been found to be inaccurate by as much as fifty kilograms.

Blue Chip Original is the perfect feed balancer for show horses and ponies and contains optimum levels of vitamins and minerals, to meet the daily requirement of your horse or pony. With a comprehensive hoof supplement, SoundHoof, that includes biotin, lysine and organic zinc, and a respiratory supplement with garlic, menthol and eucalyptus to maintain lung health and integrity, you will not need to feed any additional supplements. Original is enhanced with generous levels of oils, for fantastic skin and a glossy coat. Blue Chip Original, like all the balancers in the Blue Chip range is whole-cereal and molasses free, making it very low in sugar and starch and contains the revolutionary ingredients Nucleotides, which are the building block of DNA and RNA and are essential for cell replication.

Many horses will not put condition on if they are stressed and this can be evident after taking your horse to a show for the first time, some horses may even go on hunger strike for a few days afterwards!

To help your horse keep calm and settled whilst at home use Blue Chip Karma. The natural ingredients in Karma include the superior, water-soluble form of magnesium, known as the anti-stress mineral, which can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. When stressed, horses can use up their available stores of magnesium and so will potentially benefit from a readily available water-soluble source. Once at the show, Blue Chip’s fast acting calming syringe can be used as a convenient way to keep your horse calm and allow him to concentrate on what is being asked of him. They are available in the flavours that your horse will love; carrot or apple. Both Blue Chip Karma and Blue Chip AppleCalm and CarrotCalm contain 100% natural ingredients, making them ideal for use in competition.

Blue Chip Karma is used by many professionals including Katie Jerram on the HOYS 2010 Supreme Champion Dunbeacon, Katie, who swears by Karma says “I’ve only taken Dunbeacon to HOYS once before, and he always got upset by having to stand for a long time. I am thrilled that after giving him Blue Chip Karma, he was so well behaved and gave me the most amazing ride you could expect to have.”

Many top show riders use instant action AppleCalm and CarrotCalm including
Danielle Heath who says “After giving my 4 year old a dose of CarrotCalm before he travelled and before his class, he was much more settled and relaxed at the show.”

Blue Chip Lami-light is the low calorie, low sugar, low starch diet feed balancer
that is perfect for horses or ponies that are overweight, prone to laminitis, or simply a good do-er. The whole-cereal and molasses free formula ensures your horse or pony will receive the correct level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients required on a daily basis without the risk of additional weight gain. All the balancers in the Blue Chip range are designed to be fed in small quantities, reducing the need to feed large amounts of hard feed, which can lead to digestive upsets and an over-excitable horse.



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