Feeding Tips For An Event Horse

Horse eventing at all levels requires an event horse that possesses athleticism, concentration, agility and stamina. Making sure that your event horse is getting all the nutrition they need from their diet will help to ensure they can perform to the best of their ability.






Top Tips


  • Feed the event horse specifically for their level of work or competition and continually re-assess this to ensure your event horse is getting everything they need to be successful event horse. 
  • Event horses will still need a minimum of 1.5-2% of their total bodyweight in fibre such as ad lib forage over a 24hr period.
  • Ensure your event horse is receiving a good quality source of protein to help with muscle development and repair when training and competing at an event.
  • If your event horse has had an extra hard day at competition, feed an electrolyte to replace the ions lost through the sweat.
  • Event horses should also be treated as non-event horses and turned out for some time during the day.

Recommended Blue Chip Products For An Event Horse


For The Beginner Event Horse

Blue Chip Original is the perfect feed balancer for event horses up to Pre-novice level. Original contains the optimum level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients required to give an event horse the right amount of energy and strength an event horse requires to deal with an event.

Blue Chip Original also has a high level of probiotic, which increases fibre digestion and encourages the beneficial bacteria in the gut to thrive. This high level of probiotic in Blue Chip Original will double the digestibility of any fibre in your event horse’s diet. Feeding Blue Chip Orginal alongside ad lib forage means you should be able to reduce the amount of additional hard feed fed, benefiting the event horse’s digestive system and also potentially reducing feed bills.

For The High Level Event Horse

Blue Chip Pro is ideal to feed when work becomes more demanding. It incorporates a blood building formula, a prebiotic and an elevated specification of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support the equine athlete when travelling and competing at a higher level. You should also continue to feed Blue Chip Pro if your event horse has to have a period of box rest, to help maintain muscle tone and condition, hence helping to reduce the length of time taken to bring them back into full work.

Joint Protection For The Event Horse

An event horse needs suppleness and joint protection. Your event horse will be faced with the high impact of jumping over fences during show jumping as well as racing at speed during the cross country event.  Using a liquid joint supplement like Blue Chip’s Joint RLF, which incorporates the rosehip extract Rosa canina, Hyaluronic acid (HLA), Organic MSM, yucca, organic manganese chilate, vitamin C and glucosamine HCL to aid your event horse by protecting and conditioning the joints and ensuring optimum flexibility.

For The Spooky Event Horse

Travelling to an event often leads to a spooky event horse which is no good when it comes to the time your event horse needs to perform. For better concentration and a calmer temperament, give your event horse Blue Chip Karma which contains a superior, water-soluble form of magnesium that can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. This means your event horse is calmer much quicker and ready to compete in an event.

Blue Chip products are used by eventing riders such as Kristina Cook, Lisa Pilbeam, Susie Clark & Giovanni Ugolotti.

If you would like to discuss feeding an event horse in more detail, please contact Blue Chip on 0114 266 6200 or email us on info@bluechipfeed.com


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