Blue Chip Home Schooling Challenges proving popular

Challenge 5 is NOW LIVE!

Now in its fifth week, our Facebook and Instagram based, fun and low-risk weekly challenge event is providing some light relief during stressful times. A winner is chosen each week and they can select a Blue Chip feed product of their choice as their prize!

Challenge 3 WINNER: Eden Markl and Patrick. Eden chose Super Concentrated Calming Balancer as her prize.

Challenge 4 WINNER: Jean Gill and Romeo. Jean chose Native Feed Balancer as her prize.

Each new challenge (launched every Tuesday at 5pm) can be found on our Facebook events and Instagram grid/highlights. Interested in taking part? Watch the video, practice at your own home/yard and when you’re ready film your attempt. Post your video back to the Blue Chip event or Instagram (tagging @BlueChipFeed and using #BlueChipHomeSchool).

Challenge 5 is NOW LIVE, and open for entries until 5pm on Tuesday 28th April. All you need is 1 pole.

Challenge 6 will be both demonstrated and judged by Blue Chip international dressage rider and trainer Daisy Coakley, going live at 5pm on Tuesday 28th April, entries will stay open until 5pm on Tuesday 5th May.


Challenge events are added weekly, so keep checking the Blue Chip social media pages.

We understand that many owners may not be able to be with their horses at the moment, so they are looking to continue this series in the future, giving everyone the chance to get involved, building towards the creation of a comprehensive training hub for riders to re-visit at any time.

All exercises are currently designed to be low risk, and can be attempted both in hand, and/or ridden. Riders and handlers will need very basic supplies such as a few poles.

Do you have a challenge idea you would like to see featured? Message the Blue Chip Facebook page or email and it could be featured in the future!


If you have any questions, or are needing feeding advice please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.
Call us: 0114 266 6200


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