Daisy Coakley - International Dressage Rider and Coach

  • 6th British Dressage Inter I Regionals 69% riding Cleopatra II 2020
  • competed at Keysoe International CDI Small Tour competition 2020
  • 71% 1st place Addington PSG Affinity Bay 2020
  • 69% 1st place Bury Farm Inter II Cleopatra II 2020
  • Selected for International Small Tour competition 2019
  • Top Premier League Placings at Small Tour level 2019
  • Winner of the Young Professionals Award 2018
  • Reserve Champion at Small Tour Championships 2018
  • Reserve Champion at BD Music Summer Championships 2018
  • Eight National Titles Prelim to Advanced Medium

Current Horses and Ambitions

  • Affinity Bay, Finn is an Advanced bay gelding training at Grand Prix.

Finn goes my the name of 'handsome' at home, and he certainly knows it. His secret is he has big fluffy ears which he refuses to let anybody near. He looks rather eccentric and it is his claim to fame in the local area, obviously as well as his Reserve National Championship title and top Premier League placings!

  • Cleopatra II, Daya tries her heart out, they are currently training at Grand Prix level and are aiming for thier first Inter II this Autumn.

Daya... It has been an incredible journey, their partnership has gone from Prelim to Inter I, and it's safe to say Daya doesn't shy away from a prize giving!

  • Aramis T, Merri has taught Daisy so much and they are aiming to go out and do some Inter A/B tests.

Merri makes all the Advanced work feel so easy. She is Daisy's own personal trainer as her trot is unbelievably bouncy.

  • Galanci RS, Tilly has shown so much potential so far in her career, her last result was 80% at Elementary. They are now consolidating the Medium work and having some fun with the flying changes.

Tilly- so sweet! Her canter always makes Daisy smile from ear to ear.


A bit about Daisy

  • Her horses love variety from hacking and poles and even a bit of jumping on occasion! 
  • They love their time in the field, and although they get turned out individually they are often found scratching over the fence.
  • Daisy loves a challenge!
  • As a trainer/coach herself, Daisy really enjoys encouraging her clients to explore and go beyond their limits.
  • She loves going to the gym, and has an amazing PT who helps tailor Daisy's work towards achieving her goals. She also like running, but only cross country as running on the roads makes her very lame! 
  • She loves her trips to Hughes Dressage, especially in the winter when they get the use their incredible indoor school! Gareth is a brilliant Trainer.

 Daisy feeds: