Winter feeding made easy with Blue Chip.

Nov 14, 2017

Winter is well and untruly upon us and its important to ensure that your horses diet reflects the changes in season. The changes in temperature and lack of nutrition in the grazing often means your horses or ponies will need more support for weight and condition. 

Feed a Blue Chip Balancer, all of which have many different beneficial elements that are especially important through winter.

In winter the grass is poor and the weather is full. luckily the full vitamin and mineral package is formulated with superior ingredients and ensures that your horse is receiving a fully balanced diet and won’t have any nutritional deficiencies despite the poor grass. 

The changes in the grazing and your horses forage can often cause digestive upsets which lead to runny tummies and loose droppings. Ensuring your horses feed has an included probiotic digestive supplement to support healthy gut motility and nutrient absorption levels will ensure your horse’s tummy is happy all through the colder months. 

Limited turnout in the fresh air often means more time in bedded down stalls that can often lead to horses developing coughs. All Blue Chip Feed Balancers contain a eucalyptus based respiratory supplement which works to soothe the respiratory system and keep airways breathing easy. 

Hooves can take a beating in winter, the ups and downs of the weather cause hooves to go from wet to dry and this often leads to expanding and cracking. All Blue Chip Balancers contain a complete hoof supplement formulated with biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper for the formation of strong, pliable, good quality hooves.

Horses who are predisposed to weight loss can benefit hugely from the high fibre and high oil content of all of our feed balancers, especially Blue Chip Original and Blue Chip Pro. This supports correct and healthy condition and top line and should support poor doer types through winter. 

Increased time in the stables can have a huge impact on stiffness, especially in older horses or those with arthritis. Feeding a Joint Supplement such as Blue Chip Dynamic will help to maintain healthy joint function in all different types of horses and help horses deal with the stresses and strains of more confined time through winter. 


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