Whats the fuss about Turmeric?

There's a current craze in the health industry with Turmeric which has been revered for years for its apparent medicinal properties. For a long time, its just been seen as a spice for adding to Asian cuisine, but this golden powder has apparent 'anti-inflammatory' and 'anti-oxidant' properties. 

This craze has fast spread to the equine industry as people take to this wonder ingredient in the hope of seeing benefits in their pet horses and dogs. Owners have reported that Turmeric can aid skin, joints and inflammation, however its important to note there are currently no studies to prove its medicinal properties and effectiveness. 

Despite this, due to huge customer demand, Blue Chip Launched the Grass Feed Balancer which contains a complete vitamin, mineral and nutrient package alongside Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oil, meaning there is no need to supplement for this further. 
It also contains a complete hoof, skin and coat and respiratory supplement, looking after your horses well being from head to hoof. 

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