Support Joints - now and always!

Lots of horse owners only begin to feed a Joint Supplement when their horses have already started to display issues. By feeding a joint supplement from an early age, and throughout your horses life, you minimise the risk of wear to your horses joints and help to sustain their health for as long as possible. 

Blue Chip have formulated Blue Chip Dynamic Bone and Joint supplement which worka to protect your horses joints on a daily basis. 

Blue Chip Dynamic

Blue Chip Dynamic contains Glucosamine HCL to support healthy joints, cartilage metabolism and the formation of synovial fluid, lubricating joints and protecting them from daily wear and tear. Dynamic incorporates a bone supplement containing organic manganese, calcium and phosphorus into its formulation to ensure strong, dense bone formation  as well as silicon which is vital in the utilisation of calcium.

Designed to be fed at 100g per 100kg of body weight per day. 


Nathalie Kayal feeds all her Dressage horses Blue Chip Dynamic to keep them looking and feeling great

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