New year, New Balancer?

This time of year often provokes people to consider goals and changes to make in the next 12 months. Horse owners especially are often provoked to change themselves, their horses, get fit and make aspirations for their goals together in the coming year. 

This is also a great time to look at changing your horses feed in order to align your plans. Maybe this is the year your horse is turning 14, and you are starting to think about feeding a senior feed? Perhaps this is the year for backing a youngster, and you want to give them the best start by fuelling them properly? Whatever the reason motivating your change, Blue Chip have a Feed Balancer which is suitable for you and your horse and we're here to help to achieve your goals! 

If you are unsure which balancer would be most suitable, mail our nutritionist here with your horses age, breed, size and what you're feeding at the moment and we'll tailor a nutritional package especially to you for maximum results. 

Are you wondering why to make the change to Blue Chip? Here's just a couple of reasons!

All of our feed balancers are formulated with superior ingredients for maximum effect. 

They ALL contain NO molasses or whole cereals! 

We do tailored balancers for all different kinds of horses and ponies, poor doers, competition horses, riding club, natives...

Blue Chip Feed offer FREE DELIVERY with no minimum!

Our reviews are 5*! See for yourself HERE 


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