Help! My horse needs more condition!

This winter has been hard on most horse owners, the stormy wet days have killed off any grass we had and left our horses stood out in the cold unable to eat, or stood in eating but unable to move, and trying to find the balance is really difficult. 

At this time of year we're being inundated with Nutritional Advice calls where people are calling to say their horses are looking under condition and have lost their 'sparkle' and this is where a quality feed balancer can really make the difference.

If your horse is under condition, or in heavy work we would recommend Blue Chip Pro Feed Balancer. This bag is jam packed with good stuff to supply your horse with energy, protein, fibre and oils. The balancer contains no whole cereals or molasses, so is not 'heating' and will not make your horse sharp but will ensure that your horse is receiving a balancer to support condition and top line with a complete vitamin, mineral and nutrient package. 


If your horse needs a little more condition, but isn't in heavy work Blue Chip Original will provide all of the essential nutrition needed and support your horses Top line and Condition to make sure they

get everything they need year round. The Original Feed Balancer will ensure your horses needs are catered for from head to hoof, with probiotics, hoof, respiratory and skin supplement and oils for a gleaming coat and show ring shine.

Henrik loves his Blue Chip Original! 

If you have a good doer, who needs nutrition without the calories Blue Chip Lami-Light is on hand to ensure that all of the vitamins, mineral and nutrients are being supplied to your horse in a low calorie, diet Feed Balancer. It contains all of the goodness of Blue Chip Original, but in a lower calorie formulation. 

Harvey is fed on Blue Chip Lami-Light to ensure his diet is balanced and minimises weight gain. 

If you would like nutritional advice from the Feed Balancer Specialists please E-mail the team at or call 0114 266 6200 

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