Choosing the Right Feed Balancer for Your Horse!

Choosing the right feed balancer for your horse can be a minefield due to the choice and availability of these popular products that provide your horse or pony with a complete vitamin and mineral package, alongside quality sources of protein and other specific supplements that make selecting the right one so hard.

So how can Blue Chip help? Firstly, all Blue Chip balancers are formulated using the best ingredients that promote optimum health and well-being in your horse or pony including specifically balanced vitamins, minerals and nutrients, a top quality probiotic to ensure digestive efficiency, Nucleotides for cell replication and repair, and dedicated hoof and respiratory supplements to keep your horse or pony in top condition all year round.

Blue Chip Balancers promote a gleaming, glossy coat

Which Balancer Should I Choose?

Blue Chip Original The best-selling balancer that maintains topline and condition by promoting correct muscle development via
the inclusion of a high quality source of protein alongside specifically tailored levels of Zinc and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that ensure scurf free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.

Blue Chip Pro – The perfect choice when aiming to provide your horse with the higher level of nutrition they need when increasing their workload or stepping up a level of competition. Containing the blood-building supplement RedjuvenateTM, Blue Chip Pro helps your horse or pony to facilitate efficient transport of oxygen around the body following the promotion of red blood cell turnover, leading to improved stamina and recovery rates

The New Super Concentrated Balancer Range has been developed to be highly nutrient dense and contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to thrive on a daily basis, alongside specific supplements that make them suitable for every horse or pony. Each 3kg tub priced at £24.95 lasts the average horse one month, making them a highly cost effective feeding option and they can even be fed to the fussiest of eaters from the hand or as part of a tasty mash – perfect for the Golden Oldies who may struggle with conventional feeds!

The Super Concentrated Balancers are easy to feed an cost effective

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer – Struggling with an anxious or stressed horse or pony? Calming Balancer combines the tried and trusted Blue Chip formula with the calming properties of Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and Chamomile to create this highly effective calming feed balancer

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer – Suitable for horses and ponies over 14, the Chaste Tree Berry extract in Senior Balancer helps to maintain the correct function of the pituitary gland, a vital factor in controlling the development of Cushing’s Disease’

Blue Chip Super Concentrated ULSA-Cool Balancer – Formulated to maintain the stomach acid pH balance,
ULSA-Cool contains Lithothamnion, a mineral that slowly releases calcium, magnesium and silicon over a prolonged period to enhance its acid buffering effect, helping settle the digestive system and increase efficiency of nutrient absorption

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Daily Health Balancer – Perfect for balancing a forage based diet and ideal for those in light work, Daily Health incorporates digestive, hoof and respiratory supplements into its formula ensuring your horse or pony is in optimum health all year round.

For more information on the Blue Chip Range, visit or call 0114 266 6200

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