5 Top Tips To Keep Your Horse Calm On Bonfire Night

Bonfire night can be a cause for concern for horse owners, as even the most sensible horse can be frightened by fireworks.

With bonfire night extending over the weeks leading up to and after the 5th November, planning during this extended period is key to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Here are our 5 TOP TIPS to ensure a worry-free, enjoyable evening is had by both horse and owner:


1. Be proactive and check for any local displays in the area. Letting people and organisers know there are horses stabled nearby, is a great place to start. This way, people will be more careful and aim fireworks away from where your horse is kept.


2. Keeping your horse in a familiar environment, with their normal companions, and sticking to their normal routine can help reduce any unnecessary stress, as horses, like most animals, prefer consistency. If they normally live out don’t feel pressured to bring them in. If you know they are in a safe and secure place where they can’t injure themselves which is away from the display area, having the freedom and option to ‘run away’ will help your horse to feel much safer.


3. If it feels like the fireworks go on forever, giving a calmer such as Blue Chip Karma, everyday leading up to November 5th can help horses to deal better with the stress of them being set off. When fed at the recommended amount everyday, the inclusion of a superior form of water-soluble magnesium, L-tryptophan and Vitamin C in Karma will help to maintain normal blood pressure and relax muscle, gradually encouraging calmness and reducing negative responses.


4. If you are lucky to only have the odd display in your area, giving an instant calmer, such as Blue Chip CARROTCALM or APPLECALM on the night of the fireworks can help keep your horse relaxed and settled. Blue Chip CARROTCALM and APPLECALM contain the same natural ingredients as Blue Chip Karma, and are designed to be given between 30 and 60 minutes before the display is due to start.


5. Finally it is important to keep an eye on your horse to ensure that they are safe and calm. Having a familiar face and positive attitude can really help to reassure a horse or pony, and you are there to react quickly if necessary. One of the most important things to remember is to keep calm yourself, emotions are easily picked up by horses and can affect their behaviour, especially if they are startled.


Using common sense, keeping calm and being prepared are essential to help Guy Fawkes Night go without any more unexpected bangs.


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