12 Top Tips for Doing a Good Show

Photo courtesy of Equinational

1 – Asses your horse’s strengths and weaknesses. Practise your show at home and see what works best for you and your horse. Keep it simple, keep it short.

2 – Listen to the judge or steward and be prepared to do a different show to the one you have practised if so requested. Watch what the competitors above you do.

3 – Be ready for your turn to do a show, make sure your horse is concentrating and is on the bit.

4 – Make sure your horse will stand still at the beginning and end of your show.

5 – If you have to stand in front of the judge before you start your show, ride up to where the judge is, don’t let them walk to you.

6 – If your horse does not move straight don’t trot straight towards or away from the judge.

7 – When at home make sure your horse will easily strike off on the correct leg in canter as soon as you ask him, but do not let him anticipate the change, he must wait for you to ask him. At all times he must stay nicely on the bit and not chuck his head around, or lean on you and open his mouth.

8 – It is more correct in a show to change the canter lead through three steps of trot, but if your horse has a fantastic trot, you may want to use this opportunity to show it off by trotting across the diagonal.

9 – Use the space available to you to the best advantage so that the judge can easily see all of your show.

10 – Take your time, don’t rush the show.

11 – Don’t rein back unless you know your horse can do it perfectly.

12 – End with a smile at the judge, and a pat for your horse.



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