Winter weight loss - Lose it with Blue Chip Lami Light


Welcome to our dedicated winter weight loss information page
Providing you with all the information you need to kick start your ponies/horse's winter weight loss journey.
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On this page you will find:

  • Full of information for calculating weight, fat/body scoring, correct weight and the process of safe weight loss
  • Top tips to help you and your pony/horse in all aspects of their weight loss journey, both feeding and daily horse care
  • Your ponies/horse's story could feature on our social media and website too!
  • Details on how to claim your FREE £5 gift voucher
  • BLOG - Learn about the benefit of TRACK SYSTEMS with our Charity partner Mane Chance Sanctuary
  • BLOG - Obesity - A growing problem? PLUS Life after weight loss - what next?
  • BLOG - Laminitis - Think NOW! Winter trigger factors and ongoing care
  • BLOG - Winter weight loss - Hot topic in a cold season! Why is it so important?
  • Learn more about Lami Light, our ultimate diet feed balancer

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Mane Chance Sanctuary - Blue Chip charity partner

Using track systems daily, learn about them from the best!


Obesity - The whole story


Laminitis - Covering the basics and trigger factors for winter



Winter weight loss - How can we be proactive?

How can Lami Light feed balancer help with weight loss?