Stud-specific nutrition is quite a wide area and includes nutrition for broodmares, stallions, foals, and youngsters. All these types of horses have a specific nutritional need in common – an increased requirement for protein. Broodmares typically only need a specific stud-feed in the third trimester and during lactation, where both protein and energy requirements are higher. Stallions normally require more protein and energy than geldings, especially when in the active covering season.

Foals get the bulk of their nutrition requirements covered through the mare’s milk, however, once they start growing, it may be beneficial to add in extra protein to allow for proper growth rates. Supplementing with a specific product by adding bone and joint-beneficial ingredients is also recommended, as this allows for the foals a good foundation for bone formation and joint health. Youngsters also have an increased requirement for protein, especially when going through growth spurts. They can also greatly benefit from a specific bone and joint supplement, to aid with the quality of bone growth happening during this phase.

Top tips:

  • Feeding a higher protein content can be very beneficial for growing horses, and those in very hard work (for example mares during the third trimester and during lactation)
  • Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Some of these can be made by the horses, and some must be supplied through the diet – these are called essential amino acids. The quality and inclusion rate of these determine the protein quality
  • High-quality protein ensures your horse can make the most out of the protein supplied in their diet
  • Minerals such as calcium and phosphorous are especially important during growth phases and help ensure an optimum foundation for bone formation