Price increase starting 3rd of August, 2020

Price increase starting 3rd of August, 2020


Dear all,

Since the start of the pandemic it has been our complete focus to continue manufacturing Blue Chip feed balancers to the exacting quality you would expect, and deliver your order to you on time, ensuring your horses and ponies had their essential balancer as usual. This came with challenges but we found solutions and made it through, we hope that you didn’t notice any interruption to our service. You have our office team (who worked from home), our warehouse team and mill team to thank for their determination and efforts to keep all the cogs turning.

You are quite rightly sensing a BUT… it came at a cost and whilst it was our priority to be reliable these last few months we now cannot ignore the additional costs that have crept up on us. Therefore from Monday 3rd August we will be applying a very small price increase across our feed balancer ranges, plus our Dynamic pelleted joint and bone supplement. I am pleased to say that we will not be increasing any prices on any of our other supplements. 

If you would like to take advantage of the existing prices until then, we would be happy to pull your subscription order forward. You can do this online through your Blue Chip account or please contact one of the team on 0114 266 6200 or email to do this for you.

With best wishes


Laura Cackett MD Blue Chip Feed Ltd