Kate Lewis - International SJ Rider and Coach

Kate_Lewis_Nero_Showjumping_Blue_Chip_Sponsored_Rider Kate_Lewis_Blue_Chip_Showjumping
  • Favourite result: Winning the Pony Show Jumper of the Year Qualifier on Nero and finally achieving my goal of qualifying HOYS!
  • Current horses: Nero, Evie, Tilly, Dreamer, Harriet, Madge, Bob, Ziggy, Bobby, Nova, Carly, Lady, and Minnie.
  • Ambitions for next year: To jump British Novice, Discovery and Newcomer second rounds on Carly, and to upload more YouTube content.

  • You can subscribe to Kate's YouTube channel by clicking the logo below.


Other than competing Kate's favourite thing to do with the horses is to take them on the beach! They love the change of scenery and there’s nothing like a good gallop down the beach! We completely agree!


Kate doesn’t have a lot of time to do much else other than the horses at the moment but she loves to edit videos and swim. 

Kate feeds: