Alex Hellings - International Dressage Rider and Coach

  • Individual Bronze and Team Silver medallist at the Pony European Championships 2014

  • Junior European Team 2016

  • Shortlisted for the Europeans 2017/18

  • Member of the Young Rider European Team 2019

Current Horses and Ambitions

  • Uvender V (Uvi), 19 year old, by Krack C, training towards Grand Prix.

Alex has owned Uvi for 8 years, having progressed from Elementary to competing nationally at Inter 2 and internationally at PSG. They hope to complete a Grand Prix together before Uvi retires, hopefully that won’t be for a while. Alex says "I have learnt so much from Uvi and he is quite frankly a massive power house. His party trick in a test is definitely his extended canter. He is an angel in the stable but has a definite cheeky side when you’re riding him."

  • Kai, 5 year old, by Glock's Toto Jr, training at Elementary level.

Alex has ridden Kai for 2 years and says "In that time he has grown so much, he has only done one competition as we have felt he needed the time to mature and gain strength. I hope to aim to qualify him at novice for the regionals. He is a such a kind horse who really tries hard for you, he’s got a very goofy side though and behaves like a toddler at times."

Alex and Kai pictured with their trainer Sonia Baines 

"I’ve been lucky enough to train with Sonia Baines since I was 7, and I’m turning 21 this year so we have a brilliant working relationship. None of my successes would have happened without Sonia. I also have monthly lessons with Paul Fielder who helps both Sonia and I with my training.


Alex hopes to pursue a career in horses and her ultimate dream is the Olympics.

She would like to be a successful Grand Prix rider and trainer, and if she could make a senior championship she says "that would be truly amazing."

A bit about Alex

Alex is just finishing her Mathematics degree at the University of Sheffield, and is very proud to say that she is a nerd at heart who just loves numbers.

Alex also really enjoys cross-fit, and loves taking part in friendly competitions with other cross-fit boxes up and down the country.

    Alex feeds:

    For as long as Alex can remember all of her horses have been fed Blue Chip Pro. "By feeding a balancer, I know they are getting all the nutritional help they need, and it makes a huge difference to their physical wellbeing."



    Alex has been represented by Piaffe for 6 years, "They have been instrumental in supporting me in my career so far. Abby who is the founder and owner of Piaffe is a huge support to me in so many ways."

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