‘Spring Fever' – Fact or Fiction?

Ever wondered why your horse turns into a fire breathing dragon in Spring?


The grass has started to grow – its warmer, the sun is out and it’s also been raining – the perfect conditions for starch and fructans (sugar) to be produced more actively in grass. This brings with it the obvious issues we commonly associate with Spring such as weight gain and metabolic issues that increase the risk for laminitis.

But often overlooked are the raised levels of potassium in grass at this time of year. High levels of potassium could certainly be the main culprit of our horses having behavioural issues at this time of year. The processing of this mineral causes depletion in the horse's magnesium levels, which quickly translates into undesirable behaviour.

Studies show that a deficiency of magnesium in the horse's diet can have a profound effect on even the best-behaved equine, although interestingly, not all horses seem to be affected to the same degree. In many cases, supplementing the horse's diet with magnesium can have a profound calming effect, with owners reporting an almost magical improvement in behaviour within days of commencing supplementation.

The good news is that Blue Chip have gone one step further with their best-selling Super Concentrated Calming Balancer. This pelleted complete feed balancer contains a powerful calmer that is so nutrient dense, an average horse only requires 100g (2 x Scoops) per day, meaning a tub lasts one month, making it a highly cost effective feeding option for all horses and ponies.

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer contains an easily absorbable form of magnesium as well as L-tryptophan and Chamomile, which have all been proven to provide calming effects in horses and ponies. Stress can arise in a variety of situations and can as a result, unbalance the bacterial flora in the digestive tract and cause an excess of harmful pathogenic bacteria to arise. The Super Concentrated Calming Balancer combats this issue as it contains a probiotic to restore bacterial balance in the digestive system, and also, as it has been specifically designed to be fed in small quantities, reducing digestive upsets because of increased gut motility, helping your horse or pony to feel more relaxed and settled.

On top of this the Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer is whole cereal and molasses free, which makes it both very low in sugar and starch, whilst still providing optimum levels of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for peak health. Each balancer also contains the complete hoof formula, SoundHoof™ which comprises biotin, methionine and organic zinc for healthy horn development, as well as PrimoVento™, a menthol, garlic and eucalyptus based respiratory supplement that ensures the lungs and airways remain protected and un-impaired. All the balancers in the Blue Chip range also include the revolutionary new ingredient, Nucleotides, which aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response – perfect for keeping your horse or pony healthy both inside and out.

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