Top tips for a calmer horse - fireworks

Liquid supplements are easily and quickly absorbed by your horse

Firework season is just around the corner, if you have a horse with a nervous nature or prone to increased stress levels at this time of year, you may want to start thinking about how your management and feeding could have a positive impact for the season and potential challenges ahead.

Top tips for stabled horses

  • If your horse is particularly stressed by fireworks it is advisable to bring them in to the stable but try to stick to their normal routine as much as possible
  • Horses who are stabled tend to be more settled if they can see a horsey friend in a stable nearby
  • Keep the lights on - This helps dim the flash of fireworks to reduce spooky behaviour
  • Playing a radio in the evening or even overnight can help settle horses and distract them from the sudden noise of fireworks
  • Play the radio before firework season begins so your horse can become accustomed to it
  • Provide plenty of forage - Both the forage itself and the saliva created by chewing help to settle the stomach and reduce feelings of stress
  • Check the stable is safe and secure - check for protrusions and make sure the door can securely close

Top tips for horses who are turned out

  • Nervous horses who are left out can get stressed and run around, risking injury to themselves

  • It is perfectly acceptable to leave horses turned out if they are used to fireworks or do not get overly stressed, as many are happy standing in a herd watching from afar

  • For horses left out in the field overnight, check field safety and make sure they are well secured

  • Horses left out can be occupied by the addition of piles of hay, so long as this doesn’t cause them to fight with each other over possession - always make sure there is 1 extra pile to the numbers of horses in the field, and that they are spaced well

Top tips for you

  • If you need to feed a calming supplement, buy in advance so you have it ready and waiting
  • If you know your horse will be stressed, talk to your vet and discuss the possibilities of sedation
  • Plan an evening or late-night check to keep your mind at ease, ask someone experienced to be with you if you feel unsure
  • Maintain a similar routine, remembering you may need to make small changes to limit the risk of injury
  • Be aware of when local events are planned to help you feel less stressed yourself
  • Read local press, local social media pages, local noticeboards and listen to your local radio
  • Have a friendly chat with your closest neighbours, ask them to let you know if they are planning on having fireworks as this will help you prepare, and help their understanding too
  • Remaining calm yourself can have a very positive effect on your horse

Be prepared in good time by feeding a calming supplement and/or a calming feed balancer




Blue Chip Karma can be fed as and when needed as it contains a water-soluble form of magnesium which can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Karma is boosted by additional beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and L-tryptophan, included as a pre-cursor for the hormone serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ hormone. Karma does not contain any banned or prohibited substances and is completely safe to use daily or as a single dose as required. 

Feed a balancer to ensure your pony/horse continues to receive the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to maintain long term good health. Even better, choose a balancer (such as Blue Chip Calming Feed Balancer) which includes a targeted supplement for calming if your horse has related needs. For example, if your horse is likely to become on edge from being stabled more, or from a decreased winter workload. Blue Chip Calming feed balancer is fed daily to help settle horses over a longer period of time.

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