Feeding older horses - Senior and veteran equine nutrition


Feeding advice for seniors and veterans

  • Feed ad-lib forage/forage replacers (at least 1.5% of bodyweight), the best quality you can afford
  • Consistent forage supply supports a healthy digestive system
  • Choose a low-calorie option for good doers
  • Regular access to forage keeps your horse warm, as fermentation in the hind gut produces heat, a top tip for those who drop weight in the colder weather - keep them warm
  • Be sure your horse's diet provides the vitamins, minerals and protein they need for continued daily health
  • Feed prebiotics AND probiotics to help increase the efficiency of nutrient and calorie absorption (both included in Senior and Senior Plus)
  • Include additional oil for added calories if needed, supported by the inclusion of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E from your feed balancer
  • Feed high quality digestible protein for maintaining top line
  • For poorer doers, top-up with super-fibres such as sugar-beet or mashes with generous oil content



  • Weigh tape and body condition score regularly to track and record changes in weight loss or weight gain
  • Check your horse's dentition every 6 months with a Vet or Equine Dentist, as poor dental health can lead to compromised digestion
  • Older horses may need a specialised Senior feed, however we recommend contacting us for feeding advice as all horses are different
  • Exercise can help improve muscle tone, circulation and general well-being. Many older horses can continue work well into their 20's



Why Blue Chip Senior or Senior Plus Feed Balancers?

  • High quality digestible protein, rich in lysine and methionine, the building blocks of protein
  • Prebiotics, probiotics nucleotides and beta glucans for improved digestive health, nutrient and calorie absorption
  • Glucosamine, rosehip extract, MSM, calcium and omega oils for daily joint support
  • Supporting hormonal balance with the inclusion of Chaste tree berry
  • Low in starch and sugar, suitable for those with EMS and PPID (Cushing's Disease)
  • Complete hoof supplement included
  • Unique respiratory supplement included
  • NEW tooth supplement included
  • Skin and coat conditioner, for that famous Blue Chip shine!
  • De-stressor to help ponies and horses feel comfortable, relaxed and happy
  • Fantastic palatability to encourage healthy appetite and tempt fussy feeders
  • As with all our feed balancers, MOLASSES FREE!

Did you know?

Older horses may struggle to chew correctly. Adding water to their feed to form a mash is both tastier and easier for them to eat, limiting the risk of choke and colic.

Blue Chip feed balancers can be fed dry, damp or wet.


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