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Congratulations Daisy - Wellington CDI 2021

Congratulations Daisy Coakley and Affinity Bay for their Wellington CDI 2021 selection at small tour level. Finn (or handsome) as he is known at home, started his career as an event horse so this is especially impressive.  Finn's secret is he has big fluffy ears which he refuses to let anybody near. He looks rather eccentric and it is his claim to fame in the local area, obviously as well as his Reserve National Championship title and top Premier League placings! As a trainer/coach herself, Daisy really enjoys encouraging her clients to explore and go beyond their limits. Daisy trains with Judy Harvey and Hughes Dressage, especially in the winter when they get the use their incredible indoor school! We all...

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Blue Chip are supporting #BFAW21 - British Equestrian Trade Association Feed Awareness Week 2021

We are really excited to be taking part in the BETA Feed Awareness Week for the third year running. An annual campaign to dispel feeding myths and improve your knowledge of equine nutrition. The initiative is taking place throughout the UK and is supported by leading equestrian organisations. Feed facts you can trustThe British Equestrian Trade Association are dedicated to equine welfare and launched BETA Feed Awareness Week to help owners and riders access sound nutritional advice. By focusing on good feeding practice and separating fact from fiction, we can all help you make more informed choices when it comes to buying your feed and supplements. Look out for the best feeding facts and advice from some of the country's...

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2021 Blue Chip Winter Show Jumping Championships - Cancelled

Blue Chip Winter Show Jumping Championships - Cancelled Following the recent Government announcement and confirmation that staying away from home will not be permitted until after 12 April at the earliest, it is with huge regret that we have to make the sad decision to cancel the Blue Chip Winter Show Jumping Championships 2021. Losing four and a half out of six months of the winter competition season due to the two lockdowns has prevented over 260 qualifiers from being held and it is now no longer possible to re-allocate such a large number of qualifiers. We are bitterly disappointed for those who gained qualification and are now unable to compete at the finals, but this situation is unprecedented, beyond...

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Low Calorie or Lami Light?

Low Calorie or Lami Light? Which to choose and why. Low Calorie – For those requiring minimal starch and sugar. Recommended for ponies/horses who need to safely lose weight. For those who do not have or have never had Laminitis, but are in need of a balanced diet extremely low in starch and sugar with supporting ingredients to assist safe, controlled weight loss. Lami Light – The ULTIMATE diet balancer. Recommended for those who have previously had, are prone to or have Laminitis.  A direct comparison:  Feeding good doers Excess weight is a problem within our equine population and should be taken seriously. Overweight ponies and horses continue to need a balanced diet for their overall improved health, without additional...

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Winter woes? Unwanted behaviour?

Are you noticing a difference in your horse's behaviour? Digestive problems, leading to sensitive and even poor behaviour are more commonly seen during the winter months as horses spend prolonged time stabled with less access to daily turnout and consistent forage. We have provided some helpful feeding and horse care tips below. FEEDING TIPS Lower the daily starch intake without compromising daily nutritional needs, for which balancers are ideal Ulsa-Cool provides ONLY 6g of starch and 3.5g sugar per day for an average 500kg horse Feed smaller meals to regulate digestive function Include supporting ingredients to improve digestive function such as probiotics, beta glucans and nucleotides A low starch chaff such as alfalfa contains additional calcium which can help buffer acidity further Feeding a handful of chaff...

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