What is a subscription?

Blue Chip have made is really simple to get your feed balancer every month, delivered direct to your door free of charge. 

Simply, sign up to have your balancer delivered as often as you like by choosing the duration in the box below. This can be amended or changed whenever you like, by calling the office on 0114 266 6200





Can i change or cancel or change my subscription?

Absolutely, you can change your order date, or cancel your subscription whenever you like. 

What happens if i'm out when YODEL deliver?

You can leave a note on your order for the driver to leave in a safe space. 

Can i change my product or add another on top?

Yes, whenever you need to change (seasonally prehaps!) or if you get a new horse, just give us a call and we can change your order over the phone. 

Will I get 10% off every bag?

The discount applies to every order!

Is the delivery always free? 


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