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Wessex Shetland Pony Group Show rewards Champions

As Championship season gets underway, we can’t miss a showcase for the versatility of the Shetland pony, with Blue Chip sponsoring their recent Summer Show. For the last 11 years Frank and Carol Hodder, of the Eiger Shetland Pony Stud have organised the Wessex Shetland Pony Group, to unite Shetland pony owners and breeders, and capture their enthusiasm to enjoy and promote this lovely breed. Frank and Carol go on the describe Shetland ponies as “Gentle, good-tempered, and very intelligent by nature. They make excellent children's ponies, and are noted for having a brave and protective character. Frequently ridden by children and adults at horse shows they also excel in driving classes, as well as driving for pleasure outside of the show...

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