National Quadrille CHAMPIONS 2019 - Sister Act at the Moulin Rouge

"We acted, we sang, we danced and we laughed... ALOT! Taking the win was just the icing on the cake to what has been another epic weekend. Feel so very lucky to ride with these lovely ladies and their gorgeous ponies."

Emily Dunstan tells us more about the British Riding Clubs Saddles Direct Quadrille Final 2019 below. 

So what is Quadrille?

Emily explains "For anyone not quite sure what quadrille is, it's a team of 4 horses and riders who choose a theme and perform dressage to music, although it is not necessarily judged on what dressage moves you ride."

How is it judged?

40% is based on your turnout of the horses, your costume idea on how fitting it is to your theme and the attention to detail. The other 60% is on your performance, telling a story throughout the routine and how well the horses work together.

Why choose Quadrille?

"Quadrille is just so much fun and once that music starts you can’t help but fully get into character. Sprite knows the music just as well as me, especially the canter!!"

It takes commitment.

"Even after a 7 hour lorry drive Sprite never once showed her age and was as feisty as ever thanks to Blue Chip’s Super Concentrated Senior Balancer. It is honestly the best feeling knowing she’s feeling so happy and well."

So what's next?

Emily's team are doing a fundraiser gala evening where they will be performing the winning routine as well as other fabulous acts and a raffle. It is being held at Rosevidney, Penzance on the 30th November. Of course there will be Blue Chip goodies to WIN!

For anyone who would like to attend, Emily will be happy to provide the details. You can follow her and her adventures on social media, click the instagram image below to find @emd_eventing94, you'll be glad you did! 

Fancy giving Quadrille a try? Here's some top tips from British Riding Clubs:

  • You will need four riders for the performance, but should also rehearse with two reserves in case a horse or rider is unable to perform
  • You can involve lots of people within your club who would be willing to help, whether it be to ride, make costumes or provide music
  • At least one member of your team must be a British Dressage Music member
  • Think of a theme; some themes may have been done before, but you may be able to bring a fresh new approach
  • Look for music that will tie in with the theme, suit your horses and be easily recognised by the audience
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