#BlueChipGoesGreen Refills Launch!

What are Super Concentrated Balancers?

Blue Chip have used the most advanced manufacturing processes to develop a functional range of super concentrated, nutrient dense, pelleted balancers.

The super concentrated range contains everything you have come to expect from a Blue Chip balancer including; probiotics, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, alongside full hoof and respiratory supplements. Each super concentrated balancer is functional, containing its own specifically formulated ingredients.

A reduced daily feeding rate allows a limited intake of sugar and starch levels, perfect for good doers and those prone to weight gain, without compromising your horse’s nutritional intake.

What’s in the range?

Calming – 3 powerful natural calmers; magnesium, chamomile and L-tryptophan

Ulsa-Cool – Beta glucans to protect the stomach lining and to slow the passage of food, alongside AcidBal™ for buffering stomach acid. Suitable for horses and ponies suffering from or prone to Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome (EGUS)

Senior – Chaste tree berry for balancing hormones, alongside glucosamine and rosehip extract for the maintenance of flexible, supple joints

Joint Care – The natural power or turmeric, black pepper, oils and glucosamine


The super concentrated range has a reduced daily feeding rate, and comes packed in handy, recyclable 3kg tubs with a small scoop enclosed for ease of feeding. NOW also AVAILABLE in fully recyclable 3kg refill bags, going one step further in going green. The refill bags are sold in pairs, one for your reusable empty tub and one to keep for next time.

Refill bags don’t contain a scoop (to save on unwarranted plastic production) so make sure you save that from your first tub purchase too!

By ordering 2 at a time we can work together to improve our carbon footprint on deliveries and we can save you money too.

#BlueChipGoesGreen COMPETITION time!

Click here to head to our Facebook page to find out more about our #BlueChipGoesGreen competition. We’re looking for your innovative ideas as to how you reuse your tubs. An extra grooming box? For your greenhouse seedlings? A plaiting tub? A hedgehog house? … yes that’s happened!

Launching on Friday 20th December. Entries close on at midnight on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Winner/s announced on Monday 6th January 2020.

Find out what Blue Chip sponsored rider Emily Dunstan has to say about the new refills:


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