🦷 BHS Dental Awareness Week - 10th to 16th November


The BHS in conjunction with The Equine Dental Clinic are launching the ‘No Pain? Check Again!’ campaign with a FREE PACK to download below ...

Download your FREE Dental Awareness Week Pack here

Did you know up to 70% of horses have undiagnosed dental problems?

🦷 Dental Awareness Week will provide information on:

Signs of Dental Problems – What could your horse be hiding?

The importance of routine dental care

What to expect from your horse’s dental check

Learn more about how essential dental health care is for your horse from industry experts Dr Chris Peace and Dr Nicole du Toit

Get your free Routine Dental Planner printout - an easy way to keep a record of your horse's dental check ups


❤️ Get involved on social media by searching the hashtags #DentalAwarenessWeek and #NoPainCheckAgain

#BlueChipFeed #HealthyHorses 

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