IT’S SUNNY - Check those water buckets and troughs

☀️ IT’S SUNNY! So check those water buckets and troughs again!
Our top tips for helping your pony/horse stay hydrated
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💦 Providing sufficient water is fundamental to your pony or horse’s daily health.

💦 Dehydration can happen quickly in horses. You can check for continued good hydration in various ways:
- A skin pinch test
- Making sure urination remains normal, not decreased or very strong
- Look for well hydrated mucous membranes

💦 Water is necessary for good digestive health
- Promotes healthy digestion
- Helps prevent impaction colic

💦 Thermoregulation
- Horses rely on their ability to sweat to be able to cool down
- Without enough water horses can easily overheat

💦 Electrolyte Balance
- Vital for muscle and nerve function and cell integrity for daily health
- All Blue Chip balancers contain electrolyte provision

💦 Performance
- Good hydration helps improve stamina and overall performance
- If your pony/horse feels tired during exercise they may be dehydrated

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