Low Calorie or Lami Light?

Low Calorie or Lami Light?
Which to choose and why.


Low Calorie – For those requiring minimal starch and sugar.

Recommended for ponies/horses who need to safely lose weight. For those who do not have or have never had Laminitis, but are in need of a balanced diet extremely low in starch and sugar with supporting ingredients to assist safe, controlled weight loss.

Lami Light – The ULTIMATE diet balancer.

Recommended for those who have previously had, are prone to or have Laminitis. 

A direct comparison:


 Feeding good doers

  • Excess weight is a problem within our equine population and should be taken seriously.
  • Overweight ponies and horses continue to need a balanced diet for their overall improved health, without additional unwanted calories.
  • Native breeds tend to be the most common breeds affected BUT equine obesity is not exclusive to this group.
  • Overweight ponies and horses can suffer long term additional health problems such as breathing difficulties, and joint pain, and can be at risk of developing Laminitis.
  • Exercise is an important part of successful weight loss which is harder to achieve through low calorie feeding alone. 

 Body condition scoring and weigh taping regularly plays an important role in monitoring weight loss/gain.

  • Forage continues to play the most important role as the base of the diet.
  • Soaking hay is one of the best ways to reduce it's calorie content.
  • Current research suggest soaking hay for 1 hour.
  • Low Calorie balancers allow you to provide a balanced diet without unwanted calories.


  • Blue Chip Low Calorie and Lami Light feed balancers are very low in starch, with no added sugar and are MOLASSES FREE!
  • Lami Light is formulated with specific ingredients to support those prone to Laminitis.
  • Low Calorie has 4 TIMES LESS non-structural carbohydrates than many other similarly marketed products and can be fed by hand or in a bucket by itself or alongside a low calorie fibre choice.

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