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In nutritional terms, what should I consider as the grass changes in autumn/winter?

As autumn begins, grass growth slows, and the nutritional profile becomes deficient in key vitamins and minerals. Horses tend to spend more time stabled, as a consequence it is an important time to balance their forage ration (grass, hay or haylage) to ensure digestive health is maintained. As a trickle feeder, additional forage provision allows your horse to maintain a healthy gut. Fermentation of forage in the hind gut serves an important role in keeping your horse warm. However, hay and autumn/winter grass is typically low in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so ensure the rest of your horse’s diet is balanced to compensate for this. For those who lose weight more easily in the colder months, calorie content, good quality protein and probiotics are vital....

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Why should I feed a balancer all year round?

Why should I continue feeding a balancer all year round? We bust some myths and answer some common questions raised. “I don’t need to feed a balancer in the summer as it will make my pony/horse fat” ALL Blue Chip balancers are low in calories and molasses free too, containing extremely low levels of starch with no added sugar. You can feed a balancer to provide all the daily vitamins and minerals your pony/horse needs without the worry of additional weight gain.  Some balancers (such as our NEW Low Calorie feed balancer), can actively help promote safe weight loss.  Diet balancers and those aimed at good doers, such as Lami Light and our Super Concentrated range, are especially beneficial as...

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Spring grass, spring fever, or Dr. Green? – Too much energy? Behavioural changes? Digestive upset?

How to manage the season of significant changes. Spring grass FACTS Likely higher levels of carbohydrates (sugars and starches), especially in pasture which is overgrazed and stressed. Increased calorie content leading to weight gain or over-excitability. Decreased levels of magnesium – causing possible anxiety and poor focus. LOW in fibre – an essential provision for daily digestive and equine health. Likelihood of nutrient deficiency in the diet if not fed a balancer or balanced diet. Watch your horses’ weight.  We are all used to seeing and hearing that horses come in from their daily turnout looking tired and full. It’s likely to find that they have eaten well in the day and seem less interested in their evening feed. Maybe...

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Equine diet planning for improved health

Equine diet planning for improved health Equine obesity is an ongoing problem within our equine population and should be taken extremely seriously. Ponies and horses carrying excess weight can suffer long term additional health problems such as breathing difficulties, and joint pain, and can be at risk of developing Laminitis. Overweight ponies and horses continue to need a balanced diet (not fibre alone) for their overall improved health, while avoiding any unwanted calories. Native breeds tend to be the most commonly affected, BUT equine obesity is certainly not exclusive to this group. Exercise, where possible is also a hugely important part of management for successful weight loss, which is harder to achieve by low calorie feeding alone. Regular body condition...

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Low Calorie or Lami Light?

Low Calorie or Lami Light? Which to choose and why. Low Calorie – For those requiring minimal starch and sugar. Recommended for ponies/horses who need to safely lose weight. For those who do not have or have never had Laminitis, but are in need of a balanced diet extremely low in starch and sugar with supporting ingredients to assist safe, controlled weight loss. Lami Light – The ULTIMATE diet balancer. Recommended for those who have previously had, are prone to or have Laminitis.  A direct comparison:  Feeding good doers Excess weight is a problem within our equine population and should be taken seriously. Overweight ponies and horses continue to need a balanced diet for their overall improved health, without additional...

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