Carrot and Apple Calm Box
Carrot and Apple Calm Box

Carrot and Apple Calm Box

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Blue Chip Calming Syringes

The Blue Chip flavoured syringes contain 3 concentrated calms in 1 syringe. Calming syringes are a perfect way to take the edge off without making the horse drowsy, great for travelling, box-rest and competitions

The benefits of feeding Blue Chip Calming Syringes


Fast absorption: as a paste syringe the calmer can be absorbed quickly.

High Quality Ingredients: Contains calming ingredients Magnesium and L-Tryptophan.

Competition: The non-drowsy formula makes these Calming Syringes perfect for competition.

Flavoured for palatibility: Choose from Carrot or Apple flavour.

Accredited: BETA NOPS and UFAS Accredited. 

Feeding guide

Give one 10ml measure (one calm) one hour before a stressful situation or competition. If necessary, follow with a further 10ml half an hour later.

Pack information

One syringe contains 3 "Calms"